9 to 5 adventures - an experiment in live web storytelling

Working with the genius online pant purveyors at Cordarounds.com and leveraging the Zannel mobile media micro-blogging platform, we produced a series of live, workday escape adventures. All this was done to enhance the Cordarounds brand, excite their rabid followers, showcase the innovative Zannel platform, and generate publicity for both.

There was a day-long drinking binge by the "Pied Piper of Booze", a valentines day experiment in crowd-sourcing for a perfect date, eight hours aboard a Mexican party bus with metal-band "Live Evil", and a glorious attempt by one man to get pushed 10 miles in his lounge chair to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here's a recap of the Great Chair Push:

Using flip cameras and mobile wireless connections, updates were immediately edited and uploaded on location. For three of the shows there were several of camera ops/editors, and once I flew completely solo. We learned a lot about documenting live events and instant web storytelling, and improved our process significantly with each adventure. It was always insanely fun.