corporate video - a lot more exciting than it sounds

If I had known that producing corporate communication would mean that I would get to film molten furnaces in iron foundries, discover how ladders are made, see nylon fiber extruded and woven, document the manufacture of an armored prison bus, experience the inner-workings of a London department store, or hear the inspirational stories from patients at a chemotherapy clinic... I might have started doing it a long time ago.

Having worked both independently and as a producer for Amgen Inc. and Barrington Communications, I have had the unique opportunity to produce a wide range of projects, all with a variety of tones, budgets and objectives. In all of these environments, I have relished the challenge to learn about and dynamically document a process or service. I have become adept at coaxing comfortable performances and soundbites out of interview subjects, acquiring engaging b-roll, and assembling everything into a finished piece.

Over the years, I have produced videos for and about a number of companies, including:
* Amgen
* Kraft
* Zannel
* tap11
* Solutia
* Neenah Foundry
* Werner Ladder
* Sports Authority
* Motor Coach Industries

*** Note: Are you saying to yourself: "Hey, I'd really like to see some of these clips involving molten iron and genetically modified corn!" Well, I'm right with you. Unfortunately, most of the work is not publicly available or can't officially be shared due to documents I signed. So, you'll just have to close your eyes and imagine the inner workings of a bustling ladder factory.