TV post production producer - getting shows edited and delivered

As a post production producer, I was tasked with building the post production team (editors, runners, post-production vendors, mixing studios, etc.) and then finishing and delivering multiple episodes to a network. This was all done while also incorporating input from the other producers, network, and creative team, almost always within a very demanding time-frame when budgets were already stretched after the completion of principal photography.

Small Shots - Viacom - 2001 - Two young film-makers travel America making parody movies with real people
Built what was, perhaps, the first Final Cut Pro finishing workflow for a network TV show. Show shot on DV, edited in Final Cut, and finished with color correction, mix and final titling at a post-house.

I'm Still Alive - CBS/Viacom - 2003 - Clip show consisting amazing survival footage and interviews with the survivors.
Built and managed an editorial team of 20+ and produced all finishing color, title, and mix sessions. Worked with CG vendors to complete and incorporate animated effects.

The Undetectables - Discovery - 2004 - Revealing the microbial and hidden worlds lurking in every household...
Managed a small editorial team to complete ambitions documentary-style hour long episodes, complete with complex staged computer generated sequences of things like dust-mites and wall rats.