yd industries - a surreal, corporate parody

YD Industries is a living send-up of an industrial behemoth, complete with a website., active social media channels, live events, and beautiful t-shirts. The project has evolved from its origins as a simple website to spawn an active community of fans and write-ups in publications like Forbes.

YD Industries Events
The first generation of YDI events (a collaboration with the awesome James Bewley, who also contributed heartily to the YD 1.0 website) were called "Success! The YD Way." Since then, the YD Industries events have morphed to include faux focus group sessions and innovation seminars. Here's one batch of successful attendees, post break-out session:

YD Industries products and press releases:
The Chair Simulator
The groundbreaking Castle Pounder restaurants
The classic Hypothetical Mastodon Call audio collection
A Corporate Waterslide Feasibility Study

YD Ventures Innovation Inspiration Video:

Another informative YD Industries video: